Windy City Novelties Gangster Hat Fedoras - BSES5AM53



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  • BE AL CAPONE | Gangsters today have no style. Back in the 30s gangsters would shoot up a bar while wearing a nice suite and a stylish fedora. Our Black Fedora Hat lets you play the part of the 1930s gangster. We emphasize the word play, i.e., acting, like Robert DeNiro. Our plastic gangster hat is trimmed with a white band. Great for New Years eve parties, Mardi Gras--or as a fun photo booth hat.

  • BE A DETECTIVE | Gangsters weren't the only ones who wore fedora hats. Ironically, so did detectives. Our black detective hat is perfect if you want to look like a 1920s or 1930s New York private detective.

  • THE BLUES BROTHER COSTUME | Jake and Elwood Blues were some of the coolest characters ever created. If you plan on being Dan Aykroyd or John Belushi, our fedora hat for men and women will make a perfect Blues brothers costume. Also great for a rapper costume.

  • PARTY ACCESSORIES | What made the The Great Gatsby so great? He knew how throw a great party! If you plan on having your own Roaring 20s costume party, our black fedora hat is must.

  • INCLUDED: 12 (One Dozen) Gangster Fedora Hats. One size fits most.

  • Windy City Novelties Gangster Hat Fedoras - BSES5AM53