Vallerret Tinden Photography Glove - B7D01WEXL



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  • FLIPTECH FINGER CAPS WITH MAGNETS: You’re ready to shoot in seconds. Just flip the finger cap and enjoy full access to your dials without exposing unnecessary skin to the cold.

  • 100% MERINO WOOL INNER, GENUINE GOAT LEATHER and PRIMALOFT GOLD: Designed to keep you warm in Deep Winter Conditions with a merino wool inner and an additional layer of Primaloft Gold Insulation (260gsm/170gsm). Nature’s best weapon against the cold, Merino wool ensures a fitted and warm glove optimized for handling your photography gear. Now even warmer with a thick layer of high performing insulation

  • ERGONOMIC, DURABLE & WATER RESISTANT: Genuine Goat Leather and Twill with a laminated membrane, provides excellent weather protection. An ergonomic glove fit with a flexible cuff keeps your wrist toasty warm, and able to slip on and off with ease.

  • PHOTOGRAPHY SPECS: Quickly access a spare SD-Card or store a hand warmer with a built in pocket and YKK zip, includes a tripod-key installed. A true suede lens wipe sits on the back of the thumb for that emergency clean.

  • Vallerret Tinden Photography Glove - B7D01WEXL