S&W SHLAX&WING Pocket Squares for Men Gray White Striped - BQ4T6Y4AQ



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  • This option includes one pocket square. NOT pre-tied. Packed with neat single plastic bag.

  • Pocket square size: 12.6" x 12.6". It is a full sized pocket squares and will not slide down in your jacket pocket. You can easily fold any shapes you like.

  • The striped pocket square has become a staple for the modern businessman, and goes well with a solid or checkered shirt. Additionally, it can also sit well against a narrow pinstriped shirt, as the thick blocks of stripe from the striped pocket square contrast well with a thin narrowly striped pinstripe shirt.

  • Our products are jacquard woven on high-quality, wrinkle-resistant microfiber that are just as soft as silk and even more durable. Patterns are woven directly into the tie during production, not printed or dyed on top of the fabric, granting sharper contrast and more vivid colors. The high-density microfiber shell and thick interlining ensure strong, long-lasting knots.

  • We was originally founded in 2008. We carry the best quality and designs of neckties, pocket squares, lapel flowers, and cufflinks. If you are shopping online for quality mens accessories, we definitely have what you are looking for. We are committed to offer you the finest items at great prices, meanwhile with exceptional customer service.

  • S&W SHLAX&WING Pocket Squares for Men Gray White Striped - BQ4T6Y4AQ