Felt Bag Base Shaper for LV Speedy 30 - BKGW78YDU



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  • ELIMINATES BAG SAGGING, MAKES YOUR LV SPEEDY 30 LOOK STRUCTURED AND GORGEOUS - Give your handbag the gorgeous and structured look you want without any sagging or drooping. Display your LV handbag with the confidence, style, and shape you know it deserves.

  • PROTECTS YOUR EXPENSIVE HANDBAG FROM SPILLS AND DAMAGE - Protect your investment and keep the bottom of your purse clear of makeup spills, ink blotches, and leaky liquids. Your LV handbag is a pricey investment, this shaper insert keeps the bottom of your purse tidy with an extra layer of protection.

  • PUTS AN END TO BULGING OR DROOPING IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR PURSE - Get the bag structure you need without adding additional weight. Use with your favorite purse accessories or handbag organizers to create the perfect organized purse that looks like a million dollars.

  • GENTLE ON YOUR BAG WITH MAN MADE FELT AND ROUNDED CORNERS - Rounded corners and double stitched man made felt provide ultimate structure for your handbag tote to avoid handbag wear and tear.

  • GUARANTEED TO FIT YOUR LV SPEEDY 30 AND ELIMINATE BAG SAGGING OR YOUR MONEY BACK - This base shaper comes with a manufacturer LIFETIME WARRANTY. If it doesn't fit your LV Speedy 30 or doesn't reduce bag sagging like you thought it would, you can contact us for a full refund GUARANTEED.

  • Felt Bag Base Shaper for LV Speedy 30 - BKGW78YDU