Ear Muffs-Black W20S35A - BYMT4KQPW



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  • 100% Acrylic

  • Black Ear Muff

  • Contains Thinsulate Thermal Insulation

  • One size, Adjustable Frame.

  • This item contains ThinsulateTM Thermal Insulation. The patented micro-fiber technology provides warmth without bulk for extra comfort. These earmuffs are great for those cold winter days. Don't let your head be the only thing you bundle up in fashion this season, cover your ears in luxury with our Thermal Insulated Earmuffs. Made from 100% acrylic, these plush black muffs offer you amazing protection from the cold and wind while out on your winter adventures. Attached to a 100% plastic frame, these muffs are easily adjustable to suit your head size and styling choice. Don't be caught hitting the slopes or heading home for the holidays without these muffs, you are sure to regret it. Once that icy wind begins blowing. . As an added bonus, these muffs are so thick, they also block out annoying family members conversations. For that reason alone they are priceless. Enjoy your winter holiday!

    Ear Muffs-Black W20S35A - BYMT4KQPW