8 Pairs Fingerless Knit Magic Gloves Stretchy Warm Gloves Winter Gloves One Size Fits All - B6IP5C82J



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  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Keep your hands warmer this winter with these solid colored magic gloves for men and women. Each pack includes 8 pairs of knit gloves making them ideal for sharing with the family, loved ones, and friends.

  • WARM, COZY, COMFY: Features a ribbed cuff to help trap body heat close to the hands and prevents cold air from entering. A comfort knit ensures that your hands are warm, cozy, and comfortable. Provides mobility for everyday activities including driving.

  • WINTER GLOVES: Brave the cold weather this coming winter making the commute to work, running, exercising, hiking, and other activities much more pleasant. The gloves feature a softer texture for more comfort. Keeps your fingers and palms toasty.

  • STRETCHY MAGIC GLOVES: Magic gloves offer more stretch than your typical pair of gloves, allowing it to conform to your hands and fit a wide range of hand sizes. These casual gloves are perfect to match with any outfit and different neutral colorways that keep you look dapper or chic.

  • 8 PAIR BULK PACK WHOLESALE : Each wholesale pack includes 8 pairs of gloves as pictured. Choose from fun and cute assorted colors that you will love. Perfect for team sports, sharing, gifting for Christmas / holidays, or for donating.

  • Keep your fingers toasty and warm throughout the winter and autumn seasons with these comfortable magic gloves.
    What makes our magic gloves distinct is the softer texture that provides added warmth and unmatched comfort.
    These winter gloves offer a thicker and fuller feel while still providing the weightless feel without the bulky feeling.
    Offers a wide range of mobility, making it easy to play sports, commute to school, play outdoors and more! Perfect for both boys,girls,men and women!

    Features a wrist cuff to help retain body heat better and closer to the hands, providing a warmer and cozier sensation. Allows you to perform at your best in most outdoor activities.

    Choose from a variety of fun colors, solids, and more. One size fits all ages. The high level of stretch allows the glove to conform to the hands for a snug and more comfortable fit. Made with a comfortable acrylic. The 10 pack wholesale bundle is great for gifting, sharing, donating, Christmas stocking stuffer and more.

    8 Pairs Fingerless Knit Magic Gloves Stretchy Warm Gloves Winter Gloves One Size Fits All - B6IP5C82J